Uplift Bookkeeping

At Uplift Bookkeeping, we believe that better books means better insights to increase the value of your business. Let us help you ensure an accurate and organized view of your finances so that you can take confident steps toward your business and financial goals.

Our Services

Monthly/Quarterly Services

We’ll take those tedious tasks off your plate, like transactions, journal entries, and reconciliations. We’ll also provide monthly or quarterly reports with a personalized walk through to make sure you understand how your business is doing and where your cash is going. Year-end reporting for taxes? We’ve got that covered, too.

Clean up Services

Are your books a mess? We can help get everything up-to-date and organized. Let us get your books back under control and you back to feeling like the business professional you are.

QuickBooks Online Set-up

If you need a leg-up getting your books online, we can set you up in an efficient, organized, and scalable way. We’ll customize your set-up to your business specifics so that your bookkeeping system is ready to grow as your business does.

About Uplift Bookkeeping

Welcome, I’m Kathryn Golab and I’m excited to help you uplift your business! As a bookkeeping professional with a background in analytics consulting, I focus not only on organizing, preparing, and presenting data, but also on finding ways to put your data to work for you. I’d love to help you understand how you’re doing with your money so you can make the right decisions to keep growing your business.


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